Patrick McMurchie


Patrick McMurchie is a tool using primate, proficient typist, and Seattle-resident bicycle enthusiast.

Recent Work

Blast Radius: a tool for reasoning about Terraform dependency graphs through interactive visualizations. Documentation, Examples. a comprehensive database of linux pci device drivers distributed with redhat, centos, fedora, and upstream ( releases since 2005.


Crashme–: a loving resurrection of Crashme 2.8.5. Crashme– executes random bytecode and aggregates errors.

Splicr: a Youtube front-end that plays unusual combinations of cover, studio, and concert recordings, in album order.

KEX.Py: a script that publishes Spotify playlists based on past KEXP (90.3 FM, Seattle) programming.

Photos2spotlight: a script that reconciles and Spotlight metadata, enabling search on photographic subject.

Fovea: a unified cli for computer vision web services from Clarifai, Google, Microsoft, AWS Rekognition, IBM Watson, Sighthound, et. al.)


IP Geolocation with ICMP: part 1. Ping, traceroute, the speed of light, and interactive maps.

Exploring Terraform Graphs with D3.js: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. This project lead to Blast Radius.

A Quixotic Apartment Search: web-scraping and gis methods informed my recent apartment search.